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[icon] Meeples
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Current Music:Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Time:11:28 pm
Current Mood:melancholymelancholy
Guess i should update... Vent my feelings and all that.

I don't have any.

Simple as.

Life generally sucks... bout the only person keeping me going is Pete, which is weird cause really i havent spoken to him in a year till recently but hey, he's a cool guy who i can open with and you aint gonna find anyone more level headed or mellow.

Anna doing freaky thing i don't quite understand but frankly i think that's cause she talks bout me too much to her friends, which i dislike... and they try and give advice and support.. ha! I don't want people knowning bout me or judging me.

And yeah.. only my lil' nameless ferret aswell, but then there's the other one which makes me feel like shit, poor lil thing. And I hate my job at the farm, fucking slave labour to a bunch of pricks.. aside from Paul. He's cool.
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Time:09:55 pm
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Time:12:49 am
Correction... It should be: I wanna crawl under your skin, i wanna know how you FEEL IN me! Good GOD woman! it's too early in the monring k?
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Subject:Biliie myers and her damn sex song!
Time:12:34 am
Current Mood:restlessrestless
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Current Music:Billie Myers- Tell me
Subject:Random reminder...
Time:05:43 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
*dances* greasy fingers.. slippy keyboard, oooh yeah! Disco Stu... Nnnnyes, I got no idea either.

Somehow i was reminded that i STILL have an LJ account n figured i should do something with it. Though few peeps read.. guess I'm a well guarded secret. Anna reads it, but that's only cause she seeks any excuse to do something else.

Buscuit baking on bank holiday... Billy no mates here cause everyone's revising or buggered of in one way or another. Let me back to work! I need to give a cow payback.. somehow... Nah wont happen. Beasty's huge.

*sings* I want, I wana know whatcha feeling!.. I want to crawl under your skin, wanna know what you feel in me yeah yeah!

Yup.. boredom = Kareoke in moi. I'm tempted to attack random people with water balloons... hurrah for balconies!
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Current Music:Hummmmmmmmmmm
Subject:Fuckin goose!
Time:08:27 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
I look like i got a load of hickeys up me legs! Here's me defending stupid people who think it's perfectly alright to go and poke geese in the head and i'm the one who gets bitten! But oh no.. tis not bites they do.. they bitch pinch! Thank god for jeans....

On other notes.. stressing over assesment, erm...bored, lonely (duh) aaaaaand... i say thats all folks.
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Subject:Bwhahahaha! I love Anime
Time:05:49 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicJ-Pop
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Subject:Sad isnt it?
Time:05:40 pm
Gooood I'm so desperatley bored!

My entire MAIN social life consists of one person who lives in scotland and is currently in new york and someone else who can be anoying and is currently in spain and all i have to look forward to this week is sleeping on the floor, a family wedding and my gran going "eh? whaaaaaaaat?!"

I really.. REALLY need to get out more, i think the animals at work are fed up of my rattling on's...
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Time:09:20 pm

yes i stalked geese all day so i could steal their egg and go "ooo eer missus i's a big'un!"
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Time:05:02 pm
Current Mood:melancholymelancholy
No idea what I'm writing here.

I was really peeved about the blase-ness of people. Just how can someone brush things off? Not think into things, not be analytical.. see things differently from what is shown, read between the lines.

I know people say ignornce is bliss, and sometimes i wish i could for settle for and live with that idea but i just cant. Maybe i'm just jealous of people like that. But then i realise that i'm not.

I walked past this massive hole in the road today that had filled up with crystal clear water, say about 5 foot deep, with a traffic cone submerged in the middle. I was utterly fascinated with it. i just stared at it for ages and my imagination just got lost in the cool, clear depth of it. I saw things of beauty, far of mysterious none existant places, felt serenity and was completely lost from the hustle of the city around me.
And all it was a hole in the road with water in it. That's what ignorance would present to you. a hole. dirt. water. traffic cone.

I dont care if i get depressed from analysing, I want to see things in stuff that no one realises, that everyone takes for granted, and i dont care if i'm high mantainence because i want people to see these things, recognise these things with me.

it makes my world interesting. It makes my world more then material.

It means i can escape.
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[icon] Meeples
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 10 entries, after skipping 10 newer ones.
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