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I need a job!

Yeah... Bummed out of college.. but not through much choice! I can't afford to live, and have I typed this before? *checks*.. I dunno, i really have no sense of time or any idea what in the blue hell i'm doing these days. I'm applying for jobs that i have no experience in or any idea if i could do.. admin/secreterial/receptionist..? HA! like i could look smart for any of the above. I mean really.. me.. in a suit? Nah, it no go huh?

But i'm poor and desperate and really bloody need money to live. Any ideas peeps? Maybe i could sell my body to science... you know, it's screwed up enough as it is i'm sure that. And just sitting here in a net cafe i realise i really have poor typing ways.. i only use one finger on my right hand! If i was to get a typing job i'll lose that finger! And it's an important finger mind.. if you're gay. Which i dable in :P

Oh fuck.. fuck it all!
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