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Yeah i know i'm a lazy son-o-bitch and just somehow didnt hae the energy for LJ.. but as per usual, BOREDOM prevails.

I for once, I'm not gonna be a whinger either (shock horror ne?) Life's pretty funky right now. So I'm squatting on my mates boat (even so, has a real good kudos factor when you tell peeps, and i have been here for bloody 2 years! maybe i get squatters right.. hmmm)... got back into college, access to science.. HA! Hopefully getting into Uni next year *fingers crossed* Greenwhich uni here i come! Please? My gosh.. me, a student? Tee hee, i shall sit in a corner scowling and rambling in japanese, just to freak em out even more... as if my presence doesnt do that enough.

I also got great peeps around me, though not working at the farm anymore, sigh. It's moved away from being bout the animals to the turnover, rather sad really
But.. i do have my two lil' squidgey-bums Dizzy and Blur... yes nameless is now Dizzy, a polecat ferret and Blur her buddy is a coloured ferret. And they're absolutely bonkers! Pets like owners huh?

So salute to all and anyone want to make me Pumpkin pie i shall be eternally gratefull!!!
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